Ethereum Market Cap Dominance Sustains as Market Lags

Ethereum dominance with respect to market cap has remained flat or is growing relative to the market downturns that have occurred since the beginning of 2018.  The rest of Big 10 continue to lag in market cap for January and we are even seeing a general sell off of alt-coins on aggregate.

This indicates that cryptocurrency investors have a positive long-term outlook on Ethereum.  Such a lack of volatility relative to the market shows a confidence that is not visible from other coins and tokens.  With that being said, at the time of writing this Ethereum’s total market cap is 61% that of Bitcoin (an all-time high).


Why Ethereum has a Rally in its Future

We might be in store for a solid Ethereum run up in the next 2 – 4 weeks and here’s why**:

  • Last May, the Ripple dominance line crossed over the Ethereum line and abruptly shot back down.  This led to a sharp spike in Ethereum dominance over the next several weeks.  I surmise that this was Ripple institutional pumpers pouring their profits into Ethereum as a long-term bet. (See #1 in chart below)
  • Alt Coin Pump and Dump:
    • RaiBlocks(#XRB) – DOWN 45% in 10 days
    • Tron (#TRX) – DOW 77% in 10 days
    • Cardano (#ADA) – DOWN 40% in 10 days
    • Ripple (#XRP) – DOWN 52% in 10 days
  • Approx. 10 days ago, we had the same trend occur with Ripple surpassing ETH dominance (see #2 in chart below), but there is a key difference to call out.  Alt coins were also being pumped at the same time causing enormous profits to early and institutional investors who have since dumped.  I believe they will begin pouring this money back into the coins they trust (Ethereum, Bitcoin, and possibly Monero due to Bitcoin transaction backlog).


**None of the information in this article or in the Blog should be taken as investment advice.  I am simply putting data together to paint a picture for my readers.  You are responsible for your own investments and research.