Ethereum Market Cap Dominance Sustains as Market Lags

Ethereum dominance with respect to market cap has remained flat or is growing relative to the market downturns that have occurred since the beginning of 2018.  The rest of Big 10 continue to lag in market cap for January and we are even seeing a general sell off of alt-coins on aggregate.

This indicates that cryptocurrency investors have a positive long-term outlook on Ethereum.  Such a lack of volatility relative to the market shows a confidence that is not visible from other coins and tokens.  With that being said, at the time of writing this Ethereum’s total market cap is 61% that of Bitcoin (an all-time high).


Exchanges Close Registration Due to Demand

With the influx of demand for new cryptocurrencies and tokens, many exchanges have fully halted new registration due to site instability from trade volume.  This means that new cryptocurrency traders are going to have a hard time finding some of the coins that are accessible to early entrants into the market.

Here is the list of all exchanges that are not longer accepting new users:

If you’re one of those early adopters, the good news is that there’s a wave of demand on the horizon and it’s so vast that most of the world’s exchanges can’t handle the volume.  This also means that the real price and volume of most currencies are not fully reflected on websites such as Coinmarketcap and Cryptocompare.  For all of the business savvy people out there, this is a great opportunity to create decentralized exchanges that can scale to this volume. See Ether Delta for an example of this.