Why Ethereum has a Rally in its Future

We might be in store for a solid Ethereum run up in the next 2 – 4 weeks and here’s why**:

  • Last May, the Ripple dominance line crossed over the Ethereum line and abruptly shot back down.  This led to a sharp spike in Ethereum dominance over the next several weeks.  I surmise that this was Ripple institutional pumpers pouring their profits into Ethereum as a long-term bet. (See #1 in chart below)
  • Alt Coin Pump and Dump:
    • RaiBlocks(#XRB) – DOWN 45% in 10 days
    • Tron (#TRX) – DOW 77% in 10 days
    • Cardano (#ADA) – DOWN 40% in 10 days
    • Ripple (#XRP) – DOWN 52% in 10 days
  • Approx. 10 days ago, we had the same trend occur with Ripple surpassing ETH dominance (see #2 in chart below), but there is a key difference to call out.  Alt coins were also being pumped at the same time causing enormous profits to early and institutional investors who have since dumped.  I believe they will begin pouring this money back into the coins they trust (Ethereum, Bitcoin, and possibly Monero due to Bitcoin transaction backlog).


**None of the information in this article or in the Bellblock.io Blog should be taken as investment advice.  I am simply putting data together to paint a picture for my readers.  You are responsible for your own investments and research.